Confidence in Data

Value-driven solutions that provide real-time execution in the field and real-time metrics in the office.


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Management has a long history in asset identification and tracking. This has earned r360 recognition and applications.

r360 is an energy sector technology company offering operational solutions including: in-field inspection, maintenance & auditing services; process safety; knowledge management; tool check-in and check-out; and logistics.

Our mission: value-driven solutions that provide real-time execution in the field and real-time metrics in the office. The benefit to clients is immediate: 100% data accuracy, 100% asset visibility, and real-time reporting that allows for reactive, and predictive, management of operationally critical infrastructure.

Headquartered in St. John’s, NL, r360 works with Tier 1 operators and their suppliers, successfully deploying a suite of products and R&D engagements in the Oil & Gas sector on multi-year projects that exceed client expectations.

With a proven track record, r360 helps clients adopt its solutions with a complete 360° approach to implementation: from requirements and architecture through to deployment and support, we ensure our clients achieve the desired ROI. r360 has an unparalleled track record in integrating technology with operational business processes to meet overall client strategies of managing costs while maintaining or improving service levels to customers.

Our Mission

Value-driven solutions that provide real-time execution in the field and real-time metrics in the office

Our Leadership

Steve Taylor,

Steven is a technology innovator and executive entrepreneur.  He is a founding partner in radient360 with a history of predicting future technology trends as well as helping to shape advanced technologies.

Colin Power,

Colin is a founding partner in radient360.  Primarily the champion of technology platform development, Colin shapes the r360 product and remains heavily engaged in the development of App solutions.

Katie Mercer,
Director, Solutions

Katie focuses on overall client management and solutions strategy, leading a team in business coordination and solution architecture.

Ian Vardy,
Director of Products

Ian applies a design based philosophy to product innovation and strategy. He leads a team in product architecture and ensures client functionality is delivered with the right technology and experiences.

Don Noseworthy
Don Noseworthy,
Senior Project Advisor

Don is an advisor to the radient360 team, sharing first-hand knowledge of the energy, mining and construction sectors.  He has successfully managed hundreds of millions of dollars of capital and maintenance expenditures with extreme attention paid to cost, schedule, safety and quality.

A Few Industry Highlights

Solutions used in Newfoundland & Labrador offshore for over 5 years
Full operational implementation with O&G operators and supplier ecosystem
Over 17,000 assets under management by our clients
Recognition and awards for innovation and effectiveness

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