Lifting Equipment

Improved workflow processes for the inspection of containers and lifting equipment.

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Lifting Equipment

The Lifting Equipment (LE) app is a comprehensive lifting equipment inspection and reporting tool. This easy-to-use digital solution allows users to manage inspection scheduling for all onshore and offshore inspection campaigns anytime, anywhere from any device. Create and upload digital work permits in real-time to improve workflow processes and asset availability for all your lifting containers and equipment.

Impact on Operations

  • Improved Processes and Reporting
  • Reduction in Inspection Costs and Errors
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

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LE Features

The Lifting Equipment (LE) app streamlines the inspection process for your containers and lifting equipment, anytime, anywhere. The easy-to-navigate interface provides you with:

Complete view of container and equipment inspections

Data aggregation and role-based functionality allow full transparency of the inspection process.

Offline inspection creation

Easily create an inspection order offline, then automatically upload and sync with inspection schedule when an internet connection becomes available.

Maintain inspection history, status and reporting details

Data aggregation across your organization allows you to easily compile all inspection details in one easy-to-access place.

Manage inspection approval process, including QA and Finance

Role based functionality grants specific users with sign-off authority.

Real-time inspection analytics

Our cloud-based platform updates your app the instant that information is uploaded.

Deployments of LE have returned immediate results, including reduced operational costs, greater regulatory compliance and more efficient inspection and maintenance scheduling.

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How radient360 achieved a significant increase in inspection rate with LE

Connectivity Issues

Client’s existing software could not inspect lifting containers or equipment without a dedicated server connection.

Connectivity Solutions

Optimized workflows and processes from deployment of LE were configured with offline functionality.

The Bigger Picture

Field data can now be collected from anywhere, then uploaded when connections become available.

The Challenge

Our client was struggling to properly schedule and review inspections for their Lifting Equipment. The software they were using required a dedicated internet connection and there were immense labour costs when the time came to consolidate the field data into reports.

Furthermore, their own numerous clients had no visibility into inspection results or maintenance planning without spending immense resources to tailor and create a custom report –per client.

The r360 Solution

Since we’re experts in asset performance and integrity, we had just the thing. After gathering all of our client’s data, we embedded their workflows and processes into our Lifting Equipment (LE) app
–this ensured the final result would be compliant with any site specific operating procedures or License To Operate requirements.

We added offline functionality to allow field data to be synced and uploaded as network connections became available. We then installed a client portal that allowed third-party owners of lifting equipment to log-in and review inspection results and plan preventative maintenance. Then we readied the app for final testing and deployment.


By digitizing their workflow, our client was able to better plan the frequency of inspections and more easily review inspection results to plan preventative maintenance.

Powerful analytic and reporting features showed our client’s work progress and equipment status in real-time –no more waiting for data consolidation or reports to be made.

The client log-in portal gave transparency to our client’s inspection processes and results, allowing equipment owners to easily see inspection status and maintenance required.

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