Pressure Safety Valves

Risk-based inspection system for pressure safety valves

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Pressure Safety Valves

The Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) App provides an end-to-end solution for pressure safety valves assessment and reporting. Comprehensive risk-based analysis streamlines your inspection strategy and maximizes asset availability. Users can quickly and easily see a visual representation of the overall health of all PSVs, including critical failures, confidence levels, consequence of failures (COFs) and likelihood of failures (LOFs) anytime, anywhere. Further increase inspection efficiency and reduce unscheduled downtime by creating and managing digital work permits for any PSV in real-time.

Impact on Operations

  • Accurate risk-based inspection interval broken down by device
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved communication with Inspection Contractor
  • Improved inspection and reporting consistency
  • Significant decrease in cost per PSV per year
  • Improved ease of usability of PSV strategy
  • Improved visibility of PSV inspection schedule and results

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PSV Features

The Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) app is a self-sustaining, risk-based inspection solution for your assets’ pressure safety valve systems. This comprehensive and easy-to-use application provides you with:

Risk-based Inspection Model

Schedule inspections for pressure vessels and piping circuits based on the previous inspection and risk assessment results.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) Risked Based Inspection Model with intervals, confidence level, and likelihood of failure

Reliability System Calculations

Track the expected overall health of your piping systems against inspection results for the most accurate system health tracking available.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) Reliability Summary Table

Pressure Safety Valve Inspection and Reporting

Easily track and review the inspection and maintenance status of any piece of equipment over any scheduling interval.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) Inspection Intervals of All Active PSVS bar graph

Risk Assessment

Easily assess the risk of failure with a built-in risk calculator.

Highlights Regulatory Requirements

Stay regulatory compliant with built in workflows and processes shaping product functionality. Automatically generate PDF reports for certifying authorities.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) certificates table with device id, certificate type, and inspection information

Creation and Management of Campaigns

Role based functionality allows specific users permission to design and implement scheduling and maintenance campaigns to maximize equipment use.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) campaigns page with campaign status and campaign device table

Real-time Visibility of Analytics

Our cloud-based platform updates your app the instant that information is uploaded.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) functional test results pie chart with pass/fail items

Deployments of PSV have returned immediate results, including reduction of inspection costs, regulatory compliance and greater confidence in asset reporting.

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How radient360 reduced the inspection cost of Pressure Safety Valves by over 56%

Skyrocketing Costs

Initial inspection costs were unsustainably high.

Optimized Workflows

Risk-based inspection intervals from deployment of PSV decreased average inspection cost by 56%.

The Bigger Picture

Optimized workflows and cost-efficiencies have resulted in millions of dollars in continued savings to date.

The Challenge

Our client needed to optimize the management of their PSV maintenance and sparing strategy. At over $5000 per inspection, their costs were unsustainable. Adding to the challenge, their inspection process was mired with inefficiencies, overly conservative and did not allow for confidence in asset integrity reporting.

The r360 Solution

Breaking down productivity barriers is right up our alley. By integrating our client’s inspection strategies into our configuration, we facilitated the adoption and implementation of a digital Risk-Based-Inspection (RBI) strategy. We created more efficient workflows that accounted for various degradation mechanisms before preparing the app for final testing and deployment.


By digitizing their workflow, office employees could better plan inspection scheduling and field-employees had more efficient inspection routines –dropping the average cost of inspections by 56%.
Actionable notifications allowed office-employees to review inspection reports and assign risk levels in real-time –leading to greater confidence in asset integrity reporting.

Optimized inspection intervals reduced overall number of inspections required –translating into further cost savings.

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