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Visual representation of the status summary of all safety critical elements

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Safety Critical Elements

The Safety Critical Elements (SCE) app provides an end-to-end solution for safety critical elements assessment and reporting. Role-based reporting features give you easy-to-access visual representation of the status summary of all SCE’s and breaks down safety critical work for regulatory agencies. Users can quickly access variance reporting and easily observe deltas between safety critical status for work orders. Users can also track important data by creating and uploading digital work permits to increase asset visibility.

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SCE Features

The Safety Critical Elements (SCE) app monitors variance in your assets’ SCEs and keeps you audit ready for any governing regulatory agencies. This comprehensive solution provides you with:

View equipment status

Powerful review capabilities allow you to track the status of any piece of EX equipment in your inventory.

Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) health status table

Safety and Environmental Critical Elements Assessment and Reporting

Easily review and generate reports on the health and integrity of any SCE in your system.

Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) all work orders line graph

Maintenance reporting

Easily review and generate reports about maintenance campaigns in your SCE system.

Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) details table for all equipment

Regulatory reporting

Stay regulatory compliant with built in workflows and processes shaping product functionality. Automatically generate PDF reports for certifying authorities.

Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) corrective maintenance line graph

Risk-based ranking system for work prioritization

The radient360 platform allows you to prioritize inspections or scheduled maintenance based on comprehensive risk and degradation analysis calculations.

Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) work prioritization pie chart and colored risk matrix

Work planning

Role based functionality allows specific users permission to design and implement work campaigns to maximize equipment use.

Safety Critical Elements (SCE) work status pie chart with category tables
Safety Critical Elements (SCE) home tab and equipment description displayed on iphone and ipad

Deployments of SCE have returned immediate results, including standardized SCE status reporting across all operations, lower average cost per asset, and the ability to monitor, review and compare SCE status across all corporate levels.

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How radient360 created visibility of all functional safety assets, across all facilities from all business units in a worldwide corporation.

Low Visibility

Existing ERP systems could not efficiently assess health of our client’s SCE’s across their organization.

Filling In The Gaps

SCE app integrates with and complements ERP system to address deficiencies in workflow.

The Bigger Picture

Monitoring SCE health digitally allows role-based reporting and assessment at the corporate, business unit and site level.

The Challenge

Our client needed to implement their SCE strategy at the corporate level in order to reduce the risk of a major incident. They needed a solution that could be implemented to assess, report and display SCE health across every one of their sites, while role-based functionality and access was a must have. Our client was struggling to implement their new strategy, as there was one major hurdle: The solution they needed did not exist.

The r360 Solution

The radient360 platform has the ability to grow and evolve with your organization –configuring our apps for site-specific deployments and corporate-wide rollouts is incredibly easy. Unlike our competition, the scope and scalability of our technology can meet any requirements of your organization.

We love a challenge –and developing innovative, simplistic solutions for our clients is how we get our satisfaction. We developed 32 site-specific configurations of our SCE app, for deployment across Canada, the USA and China. We designed a process to allow work orders to be integrated into the client’s ERP system (SAP) –this ensured a best-fit solution that could be easily integrated into our client’s existing framework.


By digitizing their workflow, our client was able to standardize SCE status reports across all sites.

By standardizing data-input processes associated with SCEs, inconsistencies and omitted data were virtually eliminated across the entire organization.

Corporate-level deployment allowed upper management to monitor, review and compare the health of any SCE at the corporate, business unit and field level.

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