The Benefits

If You Want To See The Bigger Picture, You’ll Need A Wider Lens.

If you want to see the bigger picture, you’ll need a wider lens. The radient360 suite of applications provides end-to-end digital asset performance solutions to address some of the biggest productivity and cost barriers in the oil and gas industry.

Our ‘Low Code’ platform allows our out-of-box products to be tooled and configured in ways our clients had only dreamed before. Your policies and procedures are directly embedded into our applications, meaning all outcomes are cost-effective and regulatory compliant. The real-time functionality that comes with our cloud-based interface means no wasted time waiting around –the radient360 suite empowers you to take asset management and integrity to a whole new level. Track performance, inspections, assessments and reporting at a multi-site level, from anywhere in the world –all you need is an internet browser!

  • Trusted Technology & Security
    radient360 applications are hosted and secured via the world’s largest and most-trusted cloud platform: Amazon Web Services. This robust infrastructure and security system ensures optimal performance, while safeguarding your applications and data.
  • Audit ready: All The Time
    The radient360 apps are embedded with our client’s workflows and processes so that task execution is compliant with regulatory guidelines. Our app-based approach to asset management offers snapshots to asset integrity, work in progress, and status reporting on demand. The easy-to-navigate interface allows for simple access to reports for corporate or industry stakeholders –including regulators, certifying authorities or auditors.
  • Best Fit: Configured To Meet Your Needs
    The radient360 suite saves you valuable time and money –while also providing the ability to configure the platform to fit to your specific data and process needs. Most SaaS platforms are either out-of-the-box or fully customized –with radient360, you get the best of both worlds. We’ve developed a base line of applications which we configure to best fit your needs –starting with a solid feature base, it quickly evolves into the application you specifically need.
  • Reduced Downtime
    radient360 applications give you the feedback to help ensure critical assets and site production are shielded from emerging threats. Increased availability and asset reliability means reduced downtime and maximum profitability of your assets –in other words, our software pays for itself. radient360 is also device agnostic. This saves you time by allowing you to check tasked work orders, inspections, asset performance and health from your phone, desktop, tablet –the choice is yours.
  • Real-time Monitoring
    radient360 apps are hosted on our secure, cloud-based platform. This empowers you to monitor and manage your assets in real-time. Gain complete visibility into your assets and operations with our easy-to-access, role-based and completely customizable reporting and digital work permit features.
  • Optimize Productivity, Minimize Costs
    The radient360 application suite improves work performance by enabling digital tracking of paper processes and seamless integration into existing ERP systems. This ensures a truly ‘best-fit’ solution that fills in any gaps that aren’t being addressed by current systems. We optimize productivity with features that adjust the priority of work required based on criticality and cost, maximizing asset availability and profitability.
  • Manage Risk
    radient360 applications help manage the risks you’re concerned with–we’re proud to provide digital solutions that optimize your most valuable assets. Our applications enable you to avoid dangerous and costly environmental, health and business hazards with comprehensive risk-based analysis tools.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    The radient360 suite of applications allows you to easily plan and implement inspection and preventative maintenance campaigns. Easy access to real-time reporting and review features will enable you to avoid unplanned downtime and costly emergency repairs.
  • Faster Time to Value/Faster Value Realization
    radient360 installs software quickly –giving you a faster return on your investment. Our data first, rapid data modelling approach allows you to have your application providing value within 3 to 4 months after contract signing. Our ‘low code’ environment means our software builds software – saving you further time on deployment and allowing you to skip the drawing board when it comes to multi-site installation. This allows you to ‘skip the drawing board’ and get right to further cost savings.
  • Enable Continuous Improvement
    Through streamlined inspection, reporting and review processes, the radient360 suite protects your most valuable assets from lost productivity and profit. As data, regions and regulatory requirements change from site to site, radient360’s configurable products adopt quickly and easily to ensure our clients get the results they need. By digitizing your asset management strategy, radient360 gives you standardized workflows and processes with optimized project costs.