Our Process

Integrating people, data and work to create reliable, efficient solutions.

When you choose radient360, you choose a team that is with you every step of the way. Our approach begins with a face-to-face meeting. This is where we make sure we understand your needs. Then we dive in and get to work, translating work processes into viable, scalable solutions. Working closely with our clients is inherent in what we do and we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ team – before, during and after our applications are deployed.

Step One: Kick-off

The face to face. The sit down. Like we said –we’re serious about considering ourselves an extension of your team and we’d love to get to know your entire organization. This is where we really get the dialogue going about your needs and the problems your operations face –and how radient360 can help you save time and reduce costs.

Step Two: Data Integration

We engage with our clients during the early stages to gather as much data and information about their workflows and processes as we can. After identifying the challenges and outlining the parameters, we refine the data down to what we need. We integrate this data in an iterative approach to tackle the problem from all angles. This ensures streamlined, optimized workflows –now fully digitized and configured to give you the lowest costs with no compromise to safety.

All of this happens inside our proprietary Asset Standard Home software –delivering a truly holistic solution that can be scaled for any operation and further configured for customized multi-site deployment.

Step Three: Development

At radient360, we produce SaaS products that are specifically designed for data and processes – we make software that makes your job easier. After the Data Integration phase, we get to work developing customized variations of our applications. We run prototypes until we refine and perfect the application’s functionality to make it ready for deployment.

Traditionally, application development required teams of programmers to manually write out each and every line of code. This can very easily become a tedious and error-prone process –not to mention time consuming. That’s why at radient360, we write software that writes software for us! We’re at the forefront of the ‘low-code’ movement that automates time consuming, manual processes and enables faster application deployment –meaning you’ll see almost instant results.

Step Four: Application Deployment

We believe in ‘best-fit’ solutions. Our clients receive their radient360 product, configured specifically to work within their existing framework on any device with an internet connection. Browser-based functionality means installation is quick and easy – almost instant.

Our phased and buildable approach minimizes disruptions to operations and puts a working product in your hands more quickly. Instead of waiting for the whole suite to be ready for deployment, you see faster results and a quicker return on your investment.

Step Five: Training and Support

The radient360 platform and its apps are designed to be intuitive and easy to adopt – but we take a hands on approach to training and offer 24/7 technical support. Our on-site training program provides guidance throughout the app development cycle, reducing post-deployment training time for new and existing users.

Step Six: Ongoing Optimization & Evolution

As data, regions and regulatory requirements change from site to site, radient360’s configurable products adapt quickly and easily to ensure our clients get the results they need with the operational savings they’re accustomed to. Further customized workflows can be generated in days to meet any License To Operate requirements for any project. This makes deployment across operations spread over large geographical areas as easy as opening the internet.