Pressure Systems

Compare the performance of pressure systems across all assets

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Pressure Systems

The Pressure Systems (PS) app provides pressure systems assessment and reporting. Easy access to powerful reporting features gives you a visualization of the risk-based inspection strategy of an asset’s pressure systems. The easy-to-use interface allows users to manage the scheduling of both onstream and offstream inspections for pressure vessels and piping circuits based on the previous inspection and risk assessment results. The ability to create and upload digital work permits in real-time increases asset condition monitoring and availability.

Impact on Operations

  • Reduced Inspection Times
  • Increased Asset Condition Monitoring
  • Improved Data Quality and Reliability

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PS Features

The Pressure Systems (PS) app gives you real-time reporting and review capabilities that allow you to compare the performance of pressure systems across all assets. The self-sustaining, risk-based inspection strategy provides you with:

Risk-Based Inspection Model

Schedule inspections for pressure vessels and piping circuits based on the previous inspection and risk assessment results.

Pressure Systems (PS) risk analysis overview and likelihood of failure (LOF) matrix

Corrosion Circuit Risk Assessment

radient360 products are designed for the lifespan of a project. Your facilities’ Integrity Maintenance Plan is worked into our design for a truly best-fit solution.

Pressure Systems (PS) Corrosion Circuit Risk Assessment line graph displaying status

Inspection report Management

Data aggregation and role-based functionality allow unmatched visual insight into your operations.

Pressure Systems (PS) inspection report status with risk assessment and interval tabs and degradation mechanism table

Digital Corrosion Manual

Upload industry standard manuals for easy reference in the field

Degradation Method Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis tools account for all degradation methods before assigning equipment-specific inspection intervals based on the calculated risk.

Pressure Systems (PS) degradation mechanisms as highest risk pie chart and table for equipment

Visibility of upcoming inspections and risk assessments

Actionable notifications keep you up-to-date with your inspection schedule so you can better strategize equipment use.

Pressure Systems (PS) inspection schedule bar graph

Deployments of PS have returned immediate results, including increased inspection and reporting rate, lower average cost per asset, improved data accuracy and greater asset insight

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How radient360 saved a client over $1M with PS

Increased Workload

Updated regulations to pressure systems left our client unable to execute their inspection strategy.

Prioritized Solutions

PS app was deployed to create more efficient workflows, generating a risk-based inspection strategy for onboard pressure systems.

The Bigger Picture

Improved inspection strategy was directly responsible for a two-day reduction in turnaround and savings in excess of $1 Million.

The Challenge

Our client was updating their Pressure Systems inspection strategy to remain compliant with updated regulatory guidelines. They’d purchased digital inspection software before, but it was unable to execute their inspection process. Furthermore, the software was tedious to use, not user-friendly and was unable to be configured to allow for multi-site deployment.

The r360 Solution

Identifying and streamlining inefficiencies in workflows is what we do best. We configured our PS app, integrating our client’s workflows and inspection strategies into the configuration. Using an iterative approach to let us see the problem from all sides, we crafted new, more efficient workflows that accounted for various degradation mechanisms before determining the inspection interval for a piece of equipment. We then readied the app for final testing and deployment.

All radient360 apps come with the end goals in mind. Our platform has the ability to grow and evolve with your organization –making further configurations for site-specific deployment a simple and easy process.


By digitizing their workflow, our client saw a significant increase in field inspection rate, and a 2-day reduction in turnaround –resulting in savings in excess of $1M

The intuitive user interface and guided workflows made the process straightforward and easy
–no more lost productivity trying to navigate complex systems.

With increased efficiency in the inspection process, our client saw a decrease in POB days –reducing costs via improved work scheduling.

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